Time to Take a Break

The mid term break is an activity carried out after the midterm assessment activity. These activities are filled with various competitions between classes that support academic and non-academic activities.

Semester break activities are activities that take a break from all activities and routines of teaching and learning activities which function to refresh the brain and mind after carrying out learning for 3 months for the midterm break and 6 months for the end of the semester break.

Since the first period of respite is a fun period for teachers and students. After struggling with teaching and learning activities, there is a time to refresh your mind with a series of activities during the break.

During this break, various non-academic creativity is usually raised. Talents of students are processed to be able to produce something positive.

The material socialized to students is that there are various competitions that students must participate in. The competition in question is an educative motor skill competition, a competition on the importance of team work cooperation, and a class presentation competition.

Each class is required to submit 2 competitions as class representatives. This activity lasted for 3 days which of course made the children happier and happier at school.

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