Outbound “Together with Family Team”

Year-end activities of our teachers and staff, we are here every year-end to hold simple reflections on event activities, singing, praying, and much more.

For this year we are holding an activity referring to adrenaline, namely rafting on the Ayung Dewata river which coincides with the Kedewatan Ubud.

Here all staff and teachers are very enthusiastic about preparing rafting equipment, and other infrastructure facilities. and we are here very happy and extraordinary to be able to enjoy the end of the school year with our comrades in arms at school.

We are very grateful to the Krisna Computer Foundation, which always gives the best to staff and teachers at school so that our welfare is guaranteed.

We carry out this activity from noon to evening, ending with eating together at a restaurant. I hope that next year our activities will be more exciting, of course, team work is very important for the school program to run well.

Happy greetings from us

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