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Learning at Tunjung Sari


Tunjung Sari school is a school with playgroup, kindergarten and Primary school.

Everything was built has its own purpose, which is aims at the utilization of the green environment around.

Our activities mostly run outside which was we have very big garden and yard.

We have a special sports area, computer room, library, and playground.

All classrooms are equipped with the latest teaching and learning technologies, such as : whiteboards, projectors, wifi working and so on.

Playgroup Class

At Tunjung Sari School, children develop self-confidence, courage and a love of learning. They are taught to think independently and work collaboratively. Besides that, at a relatively young age, we also hone gross and fine motor skills. They acquire durable and adaptable practical skills, as well as an open attitude and tolerance, and focused concentration.

Students learn to adapt the mindset that develops in their learning attitudes. Under the guidance of passionate teachers, they understand individual learning goals and aim to reach their full potential.

Students are connected to the clean and beautiful natural environment of the school through environmentally responsible initiatives.


is an active, fun and child-centred programme. Students will be guided through rich, innovative learning assignments designed around the school’s subject-centered theme with a focus on inquiry. All activities are designed to foster the following:

  • Social and emotional skills.
  • Fine and gross motor skills, and
  • Intellectual development

Each class is supported by skilled and experienced bilingual teachers and full-time teaching assistants who take a holistic approach to encourage language development for young learners in both Indonesian and English. A high number of children to teachers ratio allows for the development of a quality relationship between them.


Our Elementary School students are kind, friendly, and humble children. who apply 3 S, namely Greet, Smile, and Greetings. But they are also independent, brave, creative and innovative. They were raised with Pancasila values and integrity that only a school centered on the importance of a positive environmental community can provide.

The Tunjung Sari School Elementary School follows the national and international curriculum plus Cambridge, which includes a concisely detailed set of criteria and learning objectives that apply throughout the school. We have combined and integrated the international plus Cambridge criteria with the Indonesian curriculum, with the aim of creating an elementary school that is truly bicultural and international standard.


We offer many extracurricular programs that allow students to develop their readability and capability in various fields. For those Academic and non-academic programs offers quality of education along the student studies at Tunjung Sari School.

We provide our Student with activities below:

  • Yoga class
  • Story telling
  • Swimming class
  • Cooking lesson
  • Gardening
  • Dancing and modeling
  • Art & craft
  • Science activity
  • English class
  • Class inspirations
  • Field Trip Education
  • Sport lesson
  • Batik Activity
  • Sempoa Class
  • Marching Band
  • Music Class
  • Computer Class
  • Recycle Class
  • Calistung Class
  • Robotic Programs

Other Class programs

  • Bilinguals Language.
  • Using literacy method during teaching and learning process in the class
  • Using Bilinguals Language, Jolly phoenix lesson (beginner), Value, and manner.
  • Focused guidance and prioritizing the process on children.
  • Worksheet activities in each lesson.
At Tunjung Sari School we offer an immersive experience for students of all ages. Our school has a firm foundation of standard academic subjects such as Indonesian, English, maths, science, and geography.
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