Gardening Activity at Tunjung Sari School Bali

The gardening program that we hold at school once a week, this gardening program starts from playgroup to elementary school. Gardening activities really help train children’s motor skills and help develop children’s physical and mental.

Gardening with children in the yard forbids children to care about the environment, and trains children’s physical and mental health from an early age. Gardening can train them to grow a child’s love for nature by getting to know the plants and animals around the house, growing a sense of empathy for all creatures.

Children can learn the importance of loving plants and animals until they know that even small creatures are as useful as worms. Farming and raising livestock can maximize their physical growth by being active, such as planting seeds, watering plants, helping to pull out weeds, feeding animals and even harvesting.

With gardening children can see the growth process starting from planting, nurturing, picking and cooking them into delicious and healthy dishes at the dinner table. This activity is able to hone skills and provide a pleasant experience. Especially when children are given the freedom to choose their own types of plants to care for.

By planting our own, we can automatically guarantee that the plant is safe for consumption because it is free of pesticides and chemicals.

Gardening will encourage all of their senses and parents can build a special relationship with their children, because with gardening parents can teach and accompany children and find new, fun activities.

Of course, the types of plants/vegetables that harvest quickly are chosen so that children don’t have to wait long to enjoy the results

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