Coding Robotic at Tunjung Sari School Bali

Advances in technology have a positive impact and great opportunities to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. One of them is introducing and teaching coding to children.

Coding itself is an activity where the programmer tells the computer what he should do through a code in the script. A code that is in the script can be likened to everyday language.

Every code that is written will help the computer to know and understand what it wants to do on the computer. The computer will receive this command and the computer will perform the operation based on the command you wrote.

“Coding for children is basically equipping them with the ability to think in a structured and logical manner. When learning coding children can learn to understand simple algorithm concepts and solve problems, so this can provide good provisions for children to develop their abilities in the future.

Even coding for children might also be able to turn a child’s habit or hobby of playing games into a game maker, so children don’t only use gadgets or play a game, but can produce games. At least simple games that are relevant to learning needs so that we can lead our children as Pancasila students.

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