Bali Day Events at Tunjung Sari School Bali

The ogoh ogoh parade is eagerly awaited by our children at school. We celebrate this event once a year. which coincided with the feast of pengerupukan. The children were very enthusiastic a month before the Nyepi celebration, because the children had already started preparing for the antraction and ogoh-ogoh. before continuing with the Nyepi event. We will explain a series of Nyepi celebrations.

Nyepi is a holiday for Hindus which is celebrated every Saka New Year. One of the places in Indonesia that is most synonymous with the Nyepi celebration is Bali. The Nyepi celebration in Bali is considered the best moment to see the other side of the Island of the Gods which is never deserted.

Melasti ceremony

The first ritual that starts the Nyepi celebration in Bali is the Melasti ritual. This ceremony aims to purify oneself before carrying out Nyepi. Usually the Melasti ritual is performed at a temple near the sea. One of the Nyepi series in Bali takes place three or four days before the Nyepi ritual is held.

Tawur Kesanga

After Melasti, the series of Nyepi celebrations in Bali is continued with Tawur Kesanga or Mecaru. This tradition is usually carried out on H-1 before the Nyepi celebration.

Tawur Kesanga is synonymous with the ogoh-ogoh festival parade. For the Balinese Hindu community, ogoh-ogoh is a representation of the bad and evil nature of humans.

Therefore, at the end of the celebration, the ogoh-ogoh will be burned as a symbol of cleansing the evil human nature that is eliminated in the Nyepi ritual.

Geni Ngembak Ceremony

After the implementation of the Nyepi ritual, the series of events have not been completed. The solemn celebration of Nyepi in Bali is continued with Ngembak Geni.

Usually in this ritual the Balinese people will visit each other to relatives or do dharma shanti. Closing the Nyepi series is a sign to start a new chapter with a clean heart.

The youths will also do omed-omedan after the Ngembak Geni tradition. This kissing festival is carried out to strengthen intimacy between Hindus.

This is the process of celebrating Nyepi Day in Bali which is carried out by Hindus.

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